Geoliteracies and Place-Based Language Learning

“A geo-literate student’s thinking extends beyond conceptual understanding and leads into critical analysis. Students who are geo-literate have the skills and knowledge to use higher order thinking to assess situations related to humans, the environment and the world”

–  from Teach Geoliteracy


Connecting language teaching to students’ immediate surroundings offers rich opportunities for the development of intercultural awareness, cultural noticing and interpretation skills.


What is place-based language teaching?

Place-based language teaching is the process of using place and space as a nexus of cultural and social practices in a community as a starting point to teach concepts related to language use and cultural practices.


Geolocality involves identifying and tracking the position of something in real-world space.

Cultural Space

Cultural Space describes the hubs for cultural exchange, fostering dialogue and understanding among individuals from different backgrounds. They bring people together to engage in shared experiences, celebrate diversity, and promote intercultural dialogue.

Place-based learning

Place-based learning emphasizes using the local environment and community to connect students to the natural, cultural, and historical aspects of their surroundings and fosters a deep understanding of the local environment, develops a sense of community and promotes sustainable practices.


Place is the historically and culturally sedimented concept of a specific location or area that holds meaning, significance, and unique characteristics. Physical attributes, cultural and social meaning, sense of belonging and identity, social interactions and relationships, perceptions and subjectivity, environmental and ecological interactions

Spatial storytelling

Spatial storytelling is a narrative approach that leverages the physical or digital space to engage the audience, convey a storyline, or communicate information, often through the strategic placement and interaction with objects or locations within that space.